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This wiki web-book is being prepared as adjunct materials for all those interested in improving their communication skills and seeing these skills in relation to all forms of success.  As you can see, the format is simple. The pages are selected from lessons and solutions to problems in communication. However, many of the principles can be readily adapted to any discipline or situation. Vision-Revision is based upon the premise that the two most important parts of success are 1) having a clear picture of what it is you want to accomplish and 2) having an understanding that anything (for example: speaking, writing or communicating in any mode) can be improved with practice.


How we practice and learn, can change with each student and new technology, but the things that we remember most are those that we feel we discover through our own efforts.


In all folders, the emphasis is on writing. However, the relationship between speaking, reading and writing is assumed and emphasized. There are, for example several recommendations and lessons which combine the use of all three skills. This Web-book also is presented with all levels of English competency in mind. Please read the article, Why English?  that is posted in the Introduction folder.


In fact, it is recommended that you begin all of your initial searches with the INTRODUCTION folder, and watch the welcome video on the page titled, START HERE


NOTE: The above mentioned principles are two of the foundation principles of the Martial Arts Strategy that is presented in the book: Go Tao Chi: The Five Principles of Chi (and the multi-language new edition, The Five Principles of Everything). The Five Principles, in brief are: 1)Applied Awareness,2)Form,3)Flow,4)Benefit, 5)Adaptability. This web book is the current manifestation of these five principles and of a project that was started thirty years ago, as an attempt to introduce technology to the learning process. The original Vision Revision project (text and videos) was funded, in part by Apple Corporation, and headed by Gordon Richiusa, with John Fleischman, Brian Wallace and Addelle Hutak for the Correctional Education Division of the Hacienda La Puente, Unified School District.


UPDATED SPECIAL NOTE: This project has grown to become a major example of Heroes' Hearts Inc's Heroes' Helping Heroes initiative to fulfill their mission: "To oppose discrimination and abuse in all forms" and to "Help Heroes, One Good Deed At A Time." Heroes' Hearts Inc. Projects are the good that is condensed in their trademark and motto: "Do Something Good." For more information about Heroes' Hearts Inc CLICK HERE. 


Below you will find FREE HELP in learning how to use PBwiki. In the SIDE BAR to the RIGHT you will see links to other folders and pages in this Web-Book. These are the FREE, web lessons of the Vision-Revision series. If you are interested in obtaining the entire textbook, please contact the author of this site.


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